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UFC 291 Fighters Salaries | Poirier vs Gaethje Purse Payouts | 29 July 2023

Next pay-per-view of Ultimate Fight Championship is announced, as per reports it’s confirmed the main event fight will feature between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. The co-main event of UFC 291 reported it will take place between Jan Błachowicz and Alex Pereira. UFC 291 salaries purse payouts and sponsorship details reported.

FightersPursesWin BonusSponsorshipUFC BonusPPV SharesTotal Payouts
Dustin Poirier$750kN/A$20kN/A$700k$1.47m
Justin Gaethje$500k$100k$15k$50k$700k$1.36m
Jan Błachowicz$500kN/A$15kN/A$500k$515k
Alex Pereira$350k$100k$5kN/A$400k$855k
Stephen Thompson$210k$10kN/AN/Acancelled
Michel Pereira$85k$5kN/AN/Acancelled
Tony Ferguson$500kN/A$15kN/AN/A$515k
Bobby Green$200k$100k$10k$50kN/A$360k
Michael Chiesa$110kN/A$5kN/AN/A$115k
Kevin Holland$150k$100k$10k$50kN/A$310k
Gabriel Bonfim$18k$18k$4kN/AN/A$40k
Trevin Giles$110kN/A$5kN/AN/A$115k
Derrick Lewis$275k$100k$15k$50kN/A$440k
Rogério de Lima$110kN/A$5kN/AN/A$115k
Roman Kopylov$26k$26k$5kN/AN/A$57k
Claudio Ribeiro$26kN/A$5kN/AN/A$31k
Jake Matthews$150k$100k$10kN/AN/A$260k
Darrius Flowers$12kN/A$4kN/AN/A$16k
C.J. Vergara$26k$26k$5kN/A$4.4k bonus$61.4k
Vinicius Salvador$18kN/A$4kN/A$4.4k fine$17.6k
Matthew Semelsberger$38kN/A$5kN/AN/A$43k
Uroš Medić$26k$26k$5kN/AN/A$57k
Miranda Maverick$75k$75k$5kN/AN/A$155k
Priscila Cachoeira$85kN/A$5kN/AN/A$90k
UFC 291 Salaries
Highest Paid Fighter at UFC 291 :

Dustin Poirier highest paid fighter at UFC 291, he will earn guaranteed purse of $750k at UFC 291. Justin Gaethje, Jan Błachowicz and Tony Ferguson are other three fighters who will earn more than $500k on pay-per-view day. Darrius Flowers is the only fighter on the UFC 291 fight card who is making debut, he will earn guaranteed $12k show money and $12k as of win bonus.

How Many Fighters Will Earn Performance of the Night Bonus?

At the end of the main-event fight. UFC will announced $50k performance of the night bonus. And fight of the night bonus. In previous three pay-per-view event of UFC, the number of fighters increase who receive $50k UFC bonus. Minimum four fighters awarded. Since start of the year the fighters numbers increase to nine who can make money from UFC bonus.

Fighters Who Got Fine : Vinicius Salvador weighed in at 128.5 pounds which is more than his opponent CJ Vergara. Salvador got fine 20% of his which is $4.4k, which later at the end of event awarded to opponent.

Fight of the Night Bonuses : None

Performance of the Night Bonuses : $50k : Justin Gaethje, Derrick Lewis, Bobby Green, and Kevin Holland

Once the official pay-per-view main-event completed, complete details of UFC 291 salaries updated including fighters sponsorship and bonuses.