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Who will be highest paid UFC 286 Fighter? How Much PPV Money Share Fighters Earn?

UFC 286 Highest Paid Fighters

The upcoming pay-per-view UFC is announced, The UFC 286 will feature fight between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman. The Welterweight division title will be on the line. Co-main event will held between Justin Gaethje and Rafael Fiziev. Jennifer Maia, Gunnar Nelson and Bryan Barberena all earned their places in the main-card pay-per-view. Who are UFC 286 highest paid fighters?

Leon Edwards$500k show, $500k ppv share, $42k sponsorship
Kamaru Usman$750k show, $700k+ ppv shares, $32k sponsorship
Justin Gaethje$500k show, $500k+ ppv shares, $20k sponsorship
Gunnar Nelson$300k show, $15k sponsorship
Bryan Barberena$210k show, $15k sponsorship
Jennifer Maia$150k show, $10k sponsorship
Marvin Vettori$230k show, $15k sponsorship
Rafael Fiziev$210k show, $10k sponsorship
How Much Top Fighters Earn at UFC 286?

Guaranteed purse based on fighters contract is confirmed, Usman with $750k guaranteed purse highest paid at UFC 286. Leon Edwards and Justin Gaethje both hold contracts worth of $500k a fight yet, however they will make more money upto $1m based on pay-per-view shares. Justin Gaethje hold ppv money contract since fight with McGregor.

Kamaru Usman Purse UFC 286

Kamaru Usman Purse : $1.5m

Show Money : $750k | guaranteed
PPV Share : $700k estimated | guaranteed
Sponsorship Money : $32k (Venum & Reebok Bonus)

Usman Currently hold contract worth of $750k a fight. He will earn maximum $1.5m at UFC 286 which include pay-per-view money. The PPV figures currently estimated, he may receive more than $700k.

Leon Edwards Salary UFC 286

Leon Edwards : $1.1m

Show Money : $500k | guaranteed
PPV Share : $500k estimated | guaranteed
Sponsorship Money : $42k (Venum & Reebok Bonus)

The sponsorship money for Leon Edwards confirmed, he will earn maximum $42k as champion bonus. His purse for the fight reported $500k guaranteed and his overall earnings increased $1.1m based on sponsorship and UFC bonuses.

Justin Gaethje Purse Payouts

Justin Gaethje : $1m

Show Money : $500k
PPV Share : $500k (estimated) | guaranteed
Sponsorship Money : $20k (Venum & Reebok Bonus)

Justin Gaethje return back to UFC, his upcoming fight schedule at UFC 286, where his purse reported maximum $1m which include ppv share bonus, sponsorship money and ufc bonuses if awarded on fight day.

UFC Bonuses :

Since sponsorship payouts are confirmed for the UFC 286 fighters, on fight day UFC performance of the night bonus and fight of the night bonuses will be awarded which increase the purse of the fighters. Jon Jones currently richest UFC fighter in 2023 with contract worth of $3m a fight which is almost close to Conor McGregor and Khabib fight contracts.