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PFL Challenger Series 2023 Week 1 Fighters Salaries

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PFL Challenger Series Week 1 Salaries

The first week of PFL challenger series is confirmed. The main event fight will take place between Lucas Barbosa and Itso Babulaidze. In co-main event Eric Alequin will fight opponent (Thad Jean). Quemuel Ottoni and Jozef Wittner fight also reported for Challenger Series week 1. PFL challenger series 2023 week 1 fighters salaries were reported based on their current contract.

FightersPurseWin BonusTotal Payouts
Lucas Barbosa$5kN/A$5k
Itso Babulaidze$5k$5k$10k
Eric Alequin$7kN/A$7k
Thad Jean$10k$10k$20k
Zach Juusola$10k$10k$20k
Jozef Wittner$10kN/A$10k
Kendly St. Louis$3k$3k$6k
Nick Alley$5kN/A$5k
Who will be highest paid fighter at Challenger Series 2023 Week 1?

Based on contract and estimated salaries of fighters revealed, Jozef Wittner who hold 16+ fight record will earn guaranteed $15k if he wins $15k paid to him as win bonus. Quemuel Ottoni second best paid with contract worth $12k a fight.

How Much Fighters Earn from Bonuses?

There will be only win bonus for the fighters. When the fighter reach finals of the PFL league in the division and win’s the championship awarded with total prize money $1m or $1.5m. Reports revealed that PFL fighters will receive maximum $1.5m in year 2023, there may be hike in the PFL prize money for the fighters.

Complete details regarding PFL challenger series 2023 week 1 fighters salaries updated once pay-per-view event is finished the details include win bonus no other pay-per-view money.