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ONE Fight Night 8 Fighters Salaries | Superlek vs Williams Purse Payouts | Performance of the Night Bonuses (Confirmed)

ONE Fight Night 8 Salaries

The upcoming event of One Championship is confirmed and named as “ONE Fight Night 8”. Where the main event will be held between Superlek Kiatmuu9 and Danial Williams. Co-main event will take place between Allycia Rodrigues and Janet Todd. ONE Fight Night 8 salaries bonuses for the fighters were reported.

FightersPursesWin BonusPerformance BonusTotal Payouts
Superlek Kiatmuu9$150kN/A$50k (reported)$200k
Danial Williams$100kN/AN/A$100k
Allycia Rodrigues $75kN/AN/A$75k
Janet Todd$50kN/AN/A$50k
Seo Hee Ham$20kN/AN/A$20k
Itsuki Hirata$7kN/AN/A$7k
Akbar Abdullaev$15k$15k$50k$80k
Oh Ho Taek$10kN/AN/A$10k
Zhang Peimian$12k $12k$50k$74k
Torepchi Dongak$7kN/AN/A$7k
Aslanbek Zikreev$10k$10kN/A$20k
Rui Botelho$7kN/AN/A$7k
Keito Yamakita$10k$10kN/A$20k
Alex Silva$10kN/AN/A$10k
Eddie Abasolo$3k$3kN/A$6
Niclas Larsen$5kN/AN/A$5k
Iman Barlow$5k$5kN/A$10k
Ekaterina Vandaryeva$5kN/AN/A$5k
Tammi Musumeci$3k (est)$3kN/A$6k
Bianca Basílio$3k (est)N/AN/A$3k
Who is the Highest Paid Fighter at ONE Fight Night 8 ?

The official fighters purses not reported yet. The details were based on how much One championship fighters earn when the defend their title. However it’s confirmed that fighters who got rewarded with performance bonuses will make extra $50k. Superlek Kiatmuu9, Danial Williams are the two highest paid fighters with earnings more than $100k+.

How Much Performance Bonuses Fighters Earn?

Just like the other MMA events, One Championship awarded bonuses to the fighters, there are three fighters who received performance bonuses for the One Fight Night 8, Superlek Kiatmuu9, Akbar Abdullaev and Zhang Peimian. Officials confirmed all three of them earn $10k each.

Further details regarding to ONE Fight Night 8 salaries purses payouts updated which include bonuses for the fighters, some fighters salaries were estimated for the event.