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LFA 150 Salaries | Farias vs. Sweeney Purse Payouts | How Much Win Bonus Awarded to Fighters?

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LFA 150 Salaries

Legacy Fighting Alliance, next pay-per-view event is confirmed and it will take place on 13 January at Prior Lake, Minnesota, United States. All fights held behind cage. The main-event fight take place between Ary Farias and John Sweeney. There will be 17 fights in the LFA 150. LFA 150 salaries, purse payouts based on promotional previous data how they pay to the fighters reported.

FightersGuaranteed PurseWin BonusesFight CardTotal Payout
Ary Farias$7kMain-Event
John Sweeney$7kMain-Event
Thomas Petersen$4kCo-Main Event
Richard Foster$4kCo-Main Event
Miguel Sanson$1.7kMain-Card
Mark Climaco$1.5kMain-Card
Scott Writz$1.5kMain-Card
Jalin Fuller$1.2kMain-Card
Mitchell McKee$1kMain-Card
Ira Lukowsky$1kMain-Card
Wes Schultz$1kMain-Card
Dylan Budka$1kMain-Card
How Much Paid to the Main-Event Fighters of LFA 150?

No official announcement yet made about the fighters salaries of LFA 150, however the given data you can seen is based on the previous fight payouts of LFA. The fighters do receive bonus for winning the fight. Ary Farias will earn guaranteed purse $7k and if wins his earnings increased $14k including ($7k as of win bonus).

  • The fights that will not broadcast or remain unaired on the PPV event date, fighters earn maximum $1k including $500 as of show money and $500 as win bonus.

The given salaries were estimated not officially announced, however further details which include ppv money, image rights and sponsorship provided later if any of the the main-card and main-event fighters received it.