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KSW 80 Fighters Salaries | Ruchała vs Eskijew Purse Payouts | Fight of the Night Bonuses

KSW 80 Salaries

Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki is a professional mixed martial arts promotion. The next pay-per-view KSW is announced it will take place at Hala RCS Sport, Lubin, Poland. There will be 10 bouts that will be featuring on the fight card of KSW 80. Main event fight feature between undefeated Robert Ruchała and Lom-Ali Eskijew. KSW 80 salaries purse payouts for the fighters based on estimated figures reported for the fighters in past.

FightersPursesPerformance Bonuses
Robert Ruchała $70k
Lom-Ali Eskiev$50k
Tom Breese$25k
Bartosz Leśko$30k
Henrique Da Silva$10k
Oumar Sy$8k
Michał Michalski$10k
Erikas Golubovskis$6k
Emilia Czerwińska$5k
Yasmin Guimarães$5k
Wojciech Kazieczko$5k
Danu Tarchila$5k
Who is the Highest Paid Fighter at KSW 80?

The title fighters Robert Ruchała and Lom-Ali Eskiev highest paid at KSW 80 with purse more than $50k+. The winning results increased their earnings more than $100k+. Once the fight night bonus, submission bonus and performance of the night bonus confirmed, the details will be updated along highest paid fighters list.

  • Robert Ruchała : $70k guaranteed
  • Lom-Ali Eskiev : $50k guaranteed
  • Bartosz Leśko : $30k guaranteed

There is no information reported about pay-per-view money shares for the fighter. The arena (Hala RCS Sport) have maximum capacity of 4k people at one time it can generate a good gateway income expected $1m from this weekend.