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Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski Purse Payouts | How Much PPV Money Awarded to them at UFC 284?

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Islam Makhachev Volkanovski Purse

The upcoming UFC 284 fight card is announced. The main pay-per-view fight will take place between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski. Makhachev will defend his UFC lightweight division title, which he win after defeating Charles Oliveira at UFC 280 on a submission move. It is for the first time he will defend his title against number one contender and undefeated opponent (Alexander Volkanovski). Islam Makhachev Alexander Volkanovski purse payouts for the UFC 284 reported.

FightersPurseWin BonusSponsorshipUFC BonusTotal Payouts
Islam Makhachev$500k$100k$42k$50k$692k
Alexander Volkanovski$400k$100k$32k$50k$582k
How Much Islam Makhachev Will Earn from UFC 284?

Islam Makhachev is going to defend the title for the first time, he will earn guaranteed purse $500k for the fight however if manage to defeat number one contender Volkanovski, $100k as win bonus awarded to Makhachev. There will be pay-per-view money which will also share to the fighters UFC promotion never reveal the actual figures however estimated $500k will be awarded as ppv points to Makhachev.

How Much Undefeated Alexander Volkanovski Earn at UFC 284?

Alexander Volkanovski currently hold his undefeated run in UFC. He will earn guaranteed purse $400k from the upcoming fight. If win’s the lightweight title fight, he will take home guaranteed $532k purse share which include ($400k show money, $100k win bonus and $32k sponsorship). There will be further payouts for Volkanovski based on UFC performance of the night, fight of the night and pay-per-view.

Complete details regarding to both UFC Islam Makhachev Alexander Volkanovski purse updated right after their fight is ended based on all figures including PPV points if awarded to them.