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How Much A Fighter Earn in Cage Warriors? What Kind of Contracts Offered by Promotion to the Fighters?

Cage Warriors Fighters Earn

CW which is well known as Cage Warriors is one of the most popular mixed martial arts promotion. in 2002, it’s established. Dougie Truman is the founder of the Cage Warriors, the main head quarters of Cage Warriors situated in London, England, United Kingdom. The Cage Warriors hold to tv deal and its event telecast worldwide. FreeSports and BT Sports hold official tv rights in UK. How much cage warriors fighters earn per fight and on contract with promotion.

Contract TypesPurse Per FightPPV SharesContract
Elite Fighters$250kN/A6-10 Fights
Regular Fighters$10kN/A4 Fights
Rookie Fighters$2.5kN/A4 Fights
How Much A fighter earn in Cage Warriors PPV bout?

Just like UFC, Bellator the promotion Cage Warriors never revealed any details about their fighters pay. However some US media outlets reported the details according to which a fight earn between $5k-$10k per fight. The fighters who fight in the main-card earn more compare to the fighters who were part of the preliminary and early preliminary fight card.

  • Elite Fighters : The fighters contract sub-divided, elite fighters earn most money they hold a good experienced and got huge fan following promoters offered them big contracts worth of $250k estimated. Since no official numbers claimed for the Cage Warriors, they may earn more than $250k per fight promoters kept the salaries secret for the fighters. Elite Fighters are the one who can pull the crowed on main pay-per-view day.
  • Regular Fighters : Rise from the development program earn the contract after winning some mixed martial arts event. These fighters got offered contract for four fights, those four fights proved either they will be part of the promotion in the upcoming year or they continue working as regular fighter within the promotion. A regular fighter earn between $5k – $10k per fight and also earn maximum win bonus.
  • Rookie Fighters : They are from development program of the promotion and only considered for the early preliminary fights, once they complete four fights contract based on their performance the promotion rewarded these fighters regular contracts and later they get to elite fighters contract category. A fighter with fresh entry earn maximum $2.5k a fight.
How Much Cage Warriors Fighters Earn from Sponsorship?

A cage warriors fighter only earn from the sponsorship which he signed officially with a brand, not like UFC promotion where fighters earn maximum $42k and lowest $4k from the apparel.

What percentage of Cage Warriors fighters earn from PPV bonuses?

The performance bonus compared to One Championship, UFC, and Bellator, is very low. Structure of the bonus works like this in Cage Warriors, a fighter who completed his fight with results based on Head kick knockout, twister, knee bar, heel hook, gogoplata, flying knee knockout, Superman punch knockout, knockout in less than sixty seconds will be rewarded with extra $2k performance bonus.

  • The fighters after getting years of experienced fighting as rookie, regular and elite fighter earn opportunity to fight in other promotion on good wages.
  • Since the fighters have to pay for the travel expense, gym, trainers and for the injuries they got suffered, based on estimated data for MMA fighters, a cage warriors fighter earn minimum $30k a year and $750k+ with elite contract.

Further details regarding to how much cage warriors fighters earn per fight will be updated later if the official announced how much they pay to their star fighters in upcoming. The only claimed numbers yet by the official of Cage Warriors are bonus money of $2k.