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Cage Warriors 158 Fighters Salaries | Haque vs Martignoni Purse Payouts | 29 July 2023

Cage Warriors 158 Salaries

Cage Warriors promotions announced their next pay-per-view. Shajidul Haque will be seen in action in main-event against opponent from Italy Michele Martignoni. Haque will defend his CWFC flyweight championship title. The co-main event feature fight between Dario Bellandi and Naglis Kanišauskas. There will be 15 fights on the Cage Warriors 158 pay-per-view card. Cage Warriors 158 salaries purse payouts of fighters reported.

FightersPursesWin BonusesTotal Payouts
Shajidul Haque$20k
Michele Martignoni$10k
Dario Bellandi$4k
Naglis Kanišauskas$4k
Mason Jones$4k
Alexandre Ribeiro$6k
Micol di Segni$3.5k
Amanda Torres$3k
Michael Pagani$2.5k
James Power$2.5k
Sylwester Miller$1k
Emanuele Zaccaria$750
Leon Hill$700
Dumitru Girlean$700
Simone Manno$350
Niko Ceraglia$350
Sam Kelly$750
Gianluca Scottoli$750
Guido Possidente$450
Gianluca Rocca$650
Alexander Sasha Pirev$650
Daan Duijs$650
Idriss M’roivili$450
Giacomo Michelis$500
Aaron Johnson$500
Emanuele Sabatino$500
Dario Palazzo$350
E. Tetti Menichelli$350
Florian Doskja$350
Amir Malekpour$350
Most of the fighters salaries in preliminary and early prelims were estimated main-card fighters earn 5% more compare to the preliminary fighters.

Shajidul Haque, Michele Martignoni, Dario Bellandi, Naglis Kanišauskas, and Mason Jones among top paid fighters. Haque will earn guaranteed purse of $20k, his opponent Martignoni will earn guaranteed purse $10k. Further details which include win bonuses updated after main-event completed to Cage Warriors 158 salaries of the fighters.