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Mike Perry vs Luke Rockhold Purse Payouts BKFC 41 | 30 April 2023

This upcoming weekend there will be a great fight to witness in the BKFC ring where Mike Perry will take Luke Rockhold. Both of the fighters recently joined the new promotion and expected to earn more money compare to their previous promotions. Some sources claimed that Mike Perry make double money now compare to previous fight contract with promotion. Mike Perry Luke Rockhold purse payouts based reported salaries for the BKFC 41 updated.

Mike Perry$250k show money, no win bonus
Luke Rockhold$200k estimated show money, no win bonus.
How Much Mike Perry Earn for BKFC 41?

Promoters of the BKFC 41 fight card not revealed any purses however some top media outlets claimed that Mike Perry will earn guaranteed purse money of $250k for the fight which is five times more compared to his previous fight contract. It’s his third fight on the contract with BKFC and will earn guaranteed $250k for the fight, however if he receive any ppv bonuses details regarding to that updated later.

It’s a debut fight for the Luke Rockhold, who is looking for the winning opportunity at BKFC 41. He will earn estimated purse of $200k for the fight. Once the fight between these two completed full detail based on win bonus, sponsorships and Mike Perry Luke Rockhold purse will be re-updated.