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BKFC 49 Fighters Salaries | Slaveski vs Lindsey Purse Payouts | 25 August 2023

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BKFC Fighters Salaries

The official pay-per-view of BKFC 49 revealed, as per details main-event fight will feature between Gorjan Slaveski and Jake Lindsey. The co-main event feature between Bryce Henry and Tom Shoaff. BKFC 49 salaries purse payouts of the fighters based on their contract deal reported.

FightersPursesWin BonusesTotal Payouts
Gorjan Slaveski$250k
Jake Lindsey$200k
Tom Shoaff$100k
Bryce Henry$75k
Jarod Grant$75k
Frank Alvarez$30k
Bryan Duran$50k
Dakota Highpine$30k
John Michael Escoboza$25k
Esteban Rodriguez$30k
Howard Davis$50k
Jeff Chiffens$25k

The two main-event fighters will share maximum revenue for BKFC 49 pay-per-view card. Gorjan Slaveski will earn guaranteed purse $250k, $200k awarded to Jake Lindsey, Tom Shoaff will earn guaranteed purse of $100k and $75k awarded to fighters Bryce Henry, Jarod Grand. BKFC 49 salaries will be updated once the main-event completed on 25th August 2023