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BKFC 41 Fighters Salaries | Perry vs Rockhold Purse Payouts | How Much Win Bonuses Awarded to Fighters?

BKFC 41 Salaries

The official fightcard of BKFC 41 announced. As per reports the event feature fight between Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold. The co-main event will take place Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes. These two fights will bring huge pay-per-view sales on the fight day expected by the promoters (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship). BKFC 41 salaries purse payouts for the fighters reported.

FightersPursesWin BonusTotal Payouts
Mike Perry$250kN/A$250k
Luke Rockhold$200kN/A$200k
Chad Mendes$150kN/A$150k
Eddie Alvarez$200kN/A$200k
Christine Ferea$60k$60k$120k
Bec Rawlings$100kN/A$100k
Ben Rothwell$75k$75k$150k
Josh Copeland$40kN/A$40k
Chris Camozzi$25k$25k$50k
Dan Spohn$20kN/A$20k
Brandon Girtz$12k$12k$24k
Christian Torres$10kN/A$10k
James Brown$7k$7k$7k
Mike Alvarado$5kN/A$5k
Roderick Stewart$2.5k
Jesse Stalder$3k
Khortni Kamyron$5kDraw$5k
Gabrielle Roman$4kDraw$4k
Dillon Winemiller$4k$4k$8k
Matthew Maestas$2.5kN/A$2.5k
Jay Jackson$5kN/A$5k
Marcus Edwards$4k$4k$8k
Wayna Reid$4k
BJ Lawrence$5k
Jack Willoughby$2.5kN/A$2.5k
Mitch Seybold$2.5k$2.5k$5k
The potential bonuses kept secret by the promoters the main event fighters may earn upto $500k+
Who will be the highest paid fighter at BKFC 41?

The official figures for the BKFC fighters not reported however the top fighter in the pay-per-view will earn maximum $250k. Mike Perry will be highest paid fighter at BKFC 41 with contract and earnings more than $250k guaranteed. The opponent of Perry will earn maximum revenue of $200k for the pay-per-view.

Once the pay-per-view BKFC 41 completed the details which include BKFC 41 salaries for the fighters and win bonuses will be updated some fighters purses were estimated while some top fighters purse reported by UK and US media outlet how much they earn when they will join BKFC.