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Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 36 Fighters Salaries | Adams vs Belcher Purse Payouts | How Much Fighters Make from Potential Bonuses?

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BKFC 36 Salaries

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship announced their upcoming event. The BKFC 36 will take place in Pontchartrain Center, Kenner, Louisiana. The main pay-per-view event will feature fight between Arnold Adams and Alan Belcher. Arnold Adams will defend his heavyweight title against Alan Belcher. BKFC 36 salaries for the fighters based on the contract reported.

FightersPursesFight CardYear
Arnold Adams (Champion)$250kMain-Card2023
Alan Belcher$75kMain-Card2023
Bobby Taylor$38kMain-Card2023
James Lilley$15kMain-Card2023
Dennis LaBruzza$7kMain-Card2023
Stephon Reese$4kMain-Card2023
Kaleb Harris $22kMain-Card2023
Brad Kelly$10kMain-Card2023
Idrees Wasi$10kMain-Card2023
Quentin Henry$30kMain-Card2023
Joseph Creer$2.5kMain-Card2023
Duke Sensley$2kMain-Card2023
Dillion Winemiller$2.5kMain-Card2023
Tony Jenkins$4kMain-Card2023
Blake LaCaze$5kMain-Card2023
Joseph Brett Williams $4kMain-Card2023
Brandon Shavers$5kMain-Card2023
Bryce Henry$2.5kMain-Card2023
Andrew Angelcor$7kMain-Card2023
David Bosnick$5kMain-Card2023
Cody Schieve$2.5kPreliminary Card2023
Tyler Sammis$2.5kPreliminary Card2023
Quentin Gaskins$2kPreliminary Card2023
Hunter Boone$2kPreliminary Card2023
Who will be highest paid at BKFC 36 Fight Card?

Arnold Adams currently hold top contract worth $250k per fight. As per reports there is potential bonus for some fighters who made extra from the promoters never revealed. Alan Belcher the challenger for the heavyweight title will earn guaranteed purse of $75k. Bobby Taylor, Kaleb Harris, Quentin Henry are the other fighters who crossed $25k+ salaries on fight day.

How much fighters earn from bonuses?

There are no win bonus, fight of the night bonus, sponsorship and performance of the night bonus. However, some MMA sources claimed that potential bonuses paid to some fighters who hold high profile contract with promotion. If there are any details regarding to potential bonuses released after pay-per-view details provided here later.

  • Since the pay-per-view will take place at Pontchartrain Center, there will be seating capacity maximum 3.6k people at one time, BKFC may generate revenue more than $1.2m estimated. The tickets for fans will be available from price $35 to $200 maximum.
  • Since the official coverage rights were hold by FiteTV in UK and DAZN telecast in US. If the pay-per-view sales crossed the mark of 300k the pay-per-view generate maximum $7m to $8m estimated. Depends how the ppv sales take place, since $19.99 is adjusted ppv price on Fite TV.
  • PPV Sales Reached 300k Sales : $5m to $8m generated by the BKFC 36

There will be more details regarding to BKFC 36 salaries, if the fighters received any bonuses details will be updated here later. Some fighters are making debut and MMA sources reported debut fighters earn maximum $2.5k only high profile fighters from boxing, mma and wrestling can earn $20k to $75k in pay-per-view debuts. Jake Paul fight with Tommy Fury will also be held on same date.