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FIFA World Cup Prize Money | $440 Million Distributed Among the Participants | How Much Winners Share?

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World Cup 2022 Money

The 32 international sides who qualified before March 2022 will make big money from the mega event FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar, will host upcoming World Cup. According to football sources, Qatar spend budget of $250+ billion dollars to host this competition. All 32 teams earn $2.5m before entering into the competition. FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money announced back in February.

StagesFIFA World Cup Prize MoneyNo of Teams
Champions$45m1 team
Runner-ups$32m1 team
Third Place $26m1 team
4th Place $22m1 team
Quarter Finalists$16m 4 teams (eliminated)
Round of 16$12m8 teams (knocked out)
Group Stage$8m16 teams (knocked out)
Participation Fees$2.5m32 teams
Total Prize Money$440m

How Much Winners of FIFA World Cup 2022 Earn?

It’s confirmed that a winner of the World Cup 2022 will take home ($45 million) including participation fees winners earnings increased to $47.5m.

What will be the share of runner-ups in the FIFA World Cup 2022?

The runner-ups in the Qatar 2022, will leave $32 million. Their earnings increased to $34.5m including the participation fee.

  • Teams who got knocked out in group stage each will earn $10.5m
  • All teams who lost their round of 16 match will leave event pocketing $14.5m guaranteed
  • Four teams who could not make to the semi finals will earn ($18.5m)
TeamsParticipation FeesPrize MoneyStageTotal Earnings
Qatar$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Ecuador$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Iran$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Wales$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Mexico $2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Saudi Arabia$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Tunisia$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Denmark$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Germany$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Costa Rica$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Belgium$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Canada$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Cameroon$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Serbia$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Uruguay$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
Ghana$2.5m – guaranteed$8mGroup Stage$10.5m
United States$2.5m – guaranteed$12mRound of 16$14.5m
Australia$2.5m – guaranteed$12mRound of 16$14.5m
Japan$2.5m – guaranteed$12mRound of 16$14.5m
South Korea$2.5m – guaranteed$12mRound of 16$14.5m
Senegal$2.5m – guaranteed$12mRound of 16$14.5m
Poland$2.5m – guaranteed$12mRound of 16$14.5m
Spain$2.5m – guaranteed$12mRound of 16$14.5m
Switzerland$2.5m – guaranteed$12mRound of 16$14.5m
Netherlands$2.5m – guaranteed$16mQuarter Finalists$18.5m
Brazil$2.5m – guaranteed$16mQuarter Finalists$18.5m
Portugal$2.5m – guaranteed$16mQuarter Finalists$18.5m
England$2.5m – guaranteed$16mQuarter Finalists$18.5m
France$2.5m – guaranteed$16mQuarter Finalists$18.5m
Morocco$2.5m – guaranteed
Argentina$2.5m – guaranteed
Croatia$2.5m – guaranteed

How Much Total prize money adjusted for World Cup in 2022?

A source reported that $440 million distributed among the teams. From which $80m will be paid to the teams before the event kickoff as qualification or participation fees. In Euro 2020 winning team earn (€10 million) which 75% less compared to World Cup 2022 fund.