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St. Mirren FC Players Salaries | Weekly Wages | How Much Club Wage Bill Increased after new signings?

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St Mirren Players Salaries

The St Mirren Football Club, founded in 1877. It’s currently active and participating in Scottish Premiership. The club moved from second division (Scottish Championship) to Premiership after winning the league title of Scottish Championship in 2018-19. Club known for two other names “The Buddies” and “The Saints”. All home games of St Mirren played at St Mirren Park, Paisley where seating capacity of 8k people at one time. St Mirren players salaries, weekly wages, how much bonus they earn for winning the league cup or division reported.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagesPositionContracts
Trevor Carson (new signing)£100k£2kGK2024
Peter Urminsky£40k£833GK2023
Declan Gallagher£200k£4kDEF2024
Joe Shaughnessy£175k£3.7kDEF2023
Richard Taylor (new signing)£75k£1.5kDEF2024
Scott Tanser£100k£2kDEF2024
Charles Dunne£100k£2kDEF2023
Ryan Strain (new signing)£225k£4.3kDEF2024
Marcus Fraser£150k£3.1kDEF2023
Richard Tait£85k£1.3kMID2023
Keanu Baccus (new signing)£175k£3.7kMID2024
Mark O’Hara (new signing)£175k£3.7kMID2024
Alex Gogic (new signing)£150k£3.1kMID2024
Dylan Reid£100k£2kMID2023
Ethan Erhahon£200k£4kMID2023
Ryan Flynn£85k£1.7kMID2023
Greg Kiltie£85k£1.7kMID2023
Toyosi Olusanya (new signing)£75k£1.5kMID2024
Eamonn Brophy£175k£3.7kFW2023
Jonah Ayunga (new signing)£150k£3.1kFW2024
Curtis Main£150k£3.1kFW2023
Alex Greive£85k£1.7kFW2024
How much is the St Mirren wage bill before transfer window?

Football sources, claimed that club spend budget of £3.5m to £4m in previous season, however the club not respond any such claims made in the public. US and UK media outlets reported players wages, just after the season first match kickoff, based on players contract on loan and new signings upto £2.5m. Few players contract will be ended before May and June which means extension based on their performance may offered before expiry dates, which will hike clubs wage bill upto (£3m).

  • In 2021-22, a report revealed that club spend wage budget of £4 million on players wages.
  • The estimated clubs wage bill for the upcoming season based on players contract before extension upto £2.8m after extension and new joining’s in January transfer window hike it to £3m.

Ethan Erhahon, Ryan Strain and Declan Gallagher top contract holder in the club hold expensive deal worth of £200k a year. Ryan Strain highest paid in the current squad if the figures claimed by media outlets for his contract true without bonuses and clauses.

More details regarding to St Mirren players salaries, weekly wages, loan deals and contract extension reported here once the January transfer window completed back in year 2023.