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Ross County Players Salaries | Weekly Wages | How Much Players Do Get Paid If team win’s League Cup?

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Ross County Players Salaries

The team of Ross County increase their budget for the wages. The club current wage bill won’t exceed the limit of £3m, however if they bring more players to the squad, wage bill hike to £3.5m at the end of the year. Ross County players salaries, contract details, and how much bonus they earn if they won league cup or premiership title in year 2023.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagesPositionContract
Ross Laidlaw£85k£1.7kGK2023
Ross Munro£48k£1kGK2023
Jake Eastwood (on loan)£1.5kGK2023
Jack Baldwin£150k£3.1kDEF2024
Alex Iacovitti£100k£2kDEF2023
Dylan Smith (new signing)£12k£250DEF2024
Ben Purrington (new signing)£55k£1.1kDEF2024
George Harmon (new signing)£55k£1.1kDEF2024
Connor Randall£48k£1kDEF2024
Callum Johnson (new signing)£55k£1.1kDEF2024
Keith Watson£48k£1kDEF2023
David Cancola£85k£1.7kDEF2023
Jordan Tillson£85k£1.7kDEF2024
Ross Callachan£100k£2kMID2024
Victor Loturi (new signing)£65k£1.3kMID2025
Adam Mackinnon (on loan)£312MID2024
Ben Paton£40k£850MID2023
Yan Dhanda (new signing)£85k£1.7kMID2024
Kazeem Olaigbe (on loan)£312MID2023
Josh Sims£65k£1.3kMID2024
Owura Edwards (on loan)£625MID2023
William Akio (new signing)£75k£1.5kMID2025
Jordan White£85k£1.7kCF2024
Dominic Samuel£150k£3.1kFW2023
Jordy Hiwula (new signing)£200k£4.2kFW2024
Alex Samuel£65k£1.3kFW2023
Matthew Wright (on loan)£625FW2024
How much is the budget of current Ross County players salaries & weekly wages?

Claims about the Ross County players salaries were reported back in year 2021. Some sources reported that club spending yearly budget near £3.8m a year. No club released the official details of their players salaries but many UK, US based media outlet reported numbers how much maximum wage paid to the Scottish Premiership player and how much minimum wage adjusted. Ross County based on their wage bill for current year stands 8th position with £3m spending’s.

Do all players in the squad of Ross County get paid from wage budget?

Clubs have different clauses and terms with their players, they offered contract to some young players in which they only get paid for the week or per match in which they are involved. Ross County made four changes on loan deal before the season kickoff. Club spending almost budget of £150k for loan players, while some players only receive per match fees.

The details based on Ross County players salaries, weekly wages and contracts of players updated after each season and transfer window if new player joined or leave. Further details updated about players extension of contract after 2023. Almost 12 players in current squad who’s contract will be ended in June 2023.