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Recopa Sudamericana Prize Money | How Much Teams Earn from Tickets Sales Revenue?

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Recopa Sudamericana Prize Money

CONMEBOL Recopa Sudamericana final dates announced. The match played between the teams who win Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. In 2022, Flamengo has won the Copa Libertadores they will play against the winners of Copa Sudamericana Independiente del Valle. Recopa Sudamericana prize money each team share revealed.

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How Much Winner of Recopa Sudamericana Earn?

The official figures for the winners not confirmed yet, however an estimated revenue for the winning team reported. Back in year 2020, US media outlet reported that, teams receive some specific share from the tickets which 25%. Further money goes to the development and small clubs. The winning team will take home estimated share $750k and while losing team earn share of $250k.

  • There are two legs played among the teams, the first leg is completed and won by Independiente del Valle, at home stadium Estadio Banco Guayaquil, Quito.
  • Second leg will be held at Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, to win Flamengo needs a clean sheet and two goals, if Independiente del Valle scored goal, then Flamengo need to score three goals else winner announced on away goals.

Further details based Recopa Sudamericana prize money, tickets share and tv sponsorship money for the clubs updated if there will be changes to it. Just like UEFA increased the prize money for Champions League and Europa League, CONMEBOL taking steps to increase their revenue for top club competition.