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Premier League Prize Money | Central Payments to Clubs | Merit Share | Equal Share | TV Revenue | How Much Clubs Earn For Winning League?

Premier League Prize Money

English Premier League currently listed as the most lucrative league in the world. Richest business personalities and companies showing interest to purchase the club in the league. The league offered big money to it’s clubs based on their rankings, sponsorships, and tv broadcasting rights worldwide. Premier League prize money for the year 2022-23 reported.

StandingsClubEqual ShareMerit ShareInternational TV RightsCommercial RevenueFacilitiesTotal Prize Money
1Manchester City£40m£46m£48m£10m£38m£182m
3Manchester United£40m£48m£48m£10m£38m£135m
4Newcastle United£40m£22m£48m£10m£15m£135m
7Aston Villa£40m£19m£48m£10m£15m£132m
10Fulham £40m£10m£48m£10m£10m£118m
11Crystal Palace£40m£8m£48m£10m£10m£116m
14West Ham United£40m£15m£48m£10m£12m£125m
16Nottingham Forest £40m£7.5m£48m£10m£12m£117.5m
18Leicester City (relegate)£40m£20m£48m£10m£13m£131m
19Leeds United (relegate)£40m£15m£48m£10m£15m£128m
20Southampton (relegate)£40m£10.5m£48m£10m£12m£120.5m
The above figures are updated based on 2022-23 premier league standings Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool among top earning teams from EPL prize money.
How Much Winners Earn from English Premier League prize money?

The equal share for the clubs increased from £34m to £40m from 2020-23. The top clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United will earn £35m+ based on merit share from prize money. Including all revenues based on season performance which include, merit share, equal share, tv revenue, commercial revenue and revenue generated from facilities the club finished on top earn share of £175m in year 2023. The runner-up in the premier league will earn maximum £165m and third place team will earn share of £148m and fourth place team rewarded with prize money share of £140m.

The above figures for the Premier League prize money based on TV Revenue, Merit Share and Facility fees based on 2020-21 standings.

Equal Share : The equal share is prize money for each team no team earn more than a fixed amount. Back in year 2016, a reported revealed by the officials according which £79.5m paid to each teams in the league. Later in 2020-21 another reported revealed that equal share is for the team upto (£38m). As per reports, currently clubs earn in form equal share upto (£40m) however if there will be changes to current equal share the details updated here later. The equal share for the teams based on number of matches telecast in UK (25% shares) and teams standings (25% share).

EPL Points Table Standings 2016-17 Season see how much each club generated during the season from equal share, facility fees, merit payment.

Merit Share : Merit Share is where the big clubs take big chunk from the prize money adjusted for the premier league teams, according to reported the top clubs like Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United earn comparatively more when their matches broadcast on international level. They earn more profit based on international revenue.

International TV Rights Money : This is where Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal dominate the premier league these clubs generate more than £42m+ each year from the international tv rights. These clubs matches broadcast on international level, 20+ matches each season. Manchester United and Chelsea currently two most money making clubs from International tv rights money.

Commercial Revenue : The club who hold strong partnership with top brands earn most money in this category. The money which is earned from advertising and partnerships with other brands promoting brands through shirt logos and banners adjusted in commercial revenue stricture of the league.

The teams relegate from the Premier League makes more than £100m. How much teams get paid and how the figures were calculated for the international tv rights and merit share recently were reported by top media outlets from UK and US. If the reported figures for the clubs back in year 2016-2022 were true than premier league organizers hold premier league prize money budget worth of £2.6 billion a year.

This prize money structure of EPL made it one of the top paying sports competition in Europe and in all over the world. Where clubs earn highest share from the prize fund adjusted at the end of the based on tv rights, commercial revenue and sponsorships. The big chunk of the EPL prize money come from tv rights deal all over the world. Since the figures for the clubs improved each year in prize money, in upcoming few years clubs will earn from total fund of £3.5 billion. Currently all clubs happily accepted in exchange for broadcasting and merit payments from $2.8 billion payments.

Since there are 6-5 games left in the season 2022-23, once these games completed complete details based on clubs payments from the EPL prize money central payments were reported and updated here.