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Livingston FC Players Salaries | Weekly Wages | How Much Contract Extension Players Impact on Clubs Wage Bill?

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Livingston FC Players Salaries

The Livingston Football Club is well know for other names “Livi and The Lions”. The club founded 80 years ago in 1943. All home games of the club played at Almondvale Stadium, a stadium with capacity of 10k people. Opcco6 Ltd currently owned the club. David Martindale currently hold the managers job at the club, he signed new players during the transfer window 2022 and looking for more exclusive players in 2023. Livingston FC players salaries, weekly wages and contract extension details revealed.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagesPositionContracts
Shamal George (new signing)£85k£1.7kGK2026
Ivan Konovalov£55k£1.1kGK2023
Jack Hamilton (new signing)£55k£1.1kGK2024
Jack Fitzwater£150k£3.1kDEF2023
Ayo Obileye£75k£1.5kDEF2023
Phillip Cancar (new signing)£55k£1.1kDEF2024
Tom Parkes£55k£1.1kDEF2024
Morgan Boyes£48k£1kDEF2023
Sean Kelly£85k£1.7kDEF2024
James Penrice£85k£1.7kDEF2024
Jackson Longridge£75k£1.5kDEF2023
Nicky Devlin£280k£5.8kDEF2023
Jamie Brandon (new signing)£55k£1.1kDEF2025
Jason Holt£75k£1.5kMID2023
Stephane Omeonga£85k£1.7kMID2023
Stephen Kelly (new signing)£85k£1.7kMID2025
Cristian Montano£100k£2kMID2023
Scott Pittman£100k£2kMID2026
Andrew Shinnie£150k£3.1kMID2023
Dylan Bahamboula (new signing)£85k£1.7kMID2024
Steven Bradley (new signing)£40k£833MID2025
Bruce Anderson£225k£4.3kFW2024
Joel Nouble£200k£4.1kFW2023
Esmaël Gonçalves (new signing)£75k£1.5kFW2024
Kurtis Guthrie (new signing)£55k£1.1kFW2024
How Much Club spending on Wage budget?

It looks like the club got different policy for the new season, club is not looking for loan players this year. The club made move for the early January transfer window 2023, and signed 20 year old Steven Bradley, from Hibernian FC. The club Livingston FC players salaries budget reported £3.5m in 2021. But since many new sports media outlets from UK and US reported players wages, the figures not exceeding the limit more than £2.5m a year.

  • Football reports last season claimed that Livingston, paid £3m to £3.5m in player wages.
  • Certain reports by the media outlets based on Scottish Premiership club wages indicated that current wage budget of Livingston is not more than £2.2m. Clubs never revealed how much bonuses and clause they set with their players when the signed deal with club however, club always pay to some players for scoring goals, winning match, or involved in the team victory.
Who is highest paid players in the Livingston squad?

Bruce Anderson, Joel Nouble and Nicky Devlin based on their contract deal with club which is worth more than £200k a year, made these three players highest paid player in the squad. Devlin currently hold top contract worth of £280k a season (estimated) figure.

The January transfer window 2023, is open which means more players will signed new contracts or join the club, the details regarding to Livingston FC players wages updated based on the new contract.