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How Much Money Morocco Team Earn from FIFA World Cup 2022?

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Morocco Prize Money

The surprise entry and team who shocked many football pundits in the Qatar world cup 2022 is “Morocco “. The team reached playoff’s of the tournament knocked out former world champions “Spain” and European Champions “Portugal”. However the luck did not work for them against France they put a good game, But French side currently loaded with some of the best football talent in the world, team of Morocco suffer defeat 2-1. If you are curious about how much Morocco earn from FIFA World Cup 2022, check the details here.

Team EntryPrize Share
Participation Fees$2.5m
Fourth Place$22m
Total Share$24.5m
How Much Morocco Earn in FIFA World Cup 2022?

They earn guaranteed prize money $2.5m for qualification for the FIFA World Cup 2022. However after giving surprises to their fans and teams in the tournament, reach semi finals of the world cup. France ended their run with 2-1 victory in the semi finals, later on 17th December team played against Croatia for third place match this time they suffer defeat from 2-1.

  • Morocco earn guaranteed $2.5m from the participation fees
  • Since finishing 4th in the world cup, they earn $22m from the prize money $440m in 2022.
  • Morocco defeated top teams including Belgium, Canada, Spain and Portugal to reach the semi finals of the world cup 2022.