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UEFA Europa League Prize Money | TV Market Pool Distribution (Revealed)

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Europa League Prize Money

UEFA Europa League is the second most watched football competition after the Champions League, Europa League is an annual football club competition, was first organized in 1971 by Union of European Football Associations. It ranked below the UEFA Champions League and above the UEFA European Conference. Prize money distribution of the UEFA European League is  quite similar the Champions League, Money is fixed according to the  results and participation of the teams, and the extra money depends on their TV market value.

UEFA Europa League Prize Money 2023-24


Prize Money


€8.6 million


€4.6 million

Semi Finalists

€2.8 million (each team)

Quarter Finalists

€1.8 million (each team)

Round of 16

€1.2 million (each team)

Round of 32

€500,000 (each team)

Knockout round play-offs


2nd in group stage


1st in group stage

€1.1 million

Group Match Draw


Group Match Win


Qualified to group stage

€3.63 million (guaranteed) All 32 teams

Total Prize Money

€465 million

According to the above distribution of prize money all those teams who qualified for the group stage will receive €3,630,000 guaranteed amount, the team who wins will receive €630,000 and if the match draws both the teams will get €210,000. Purse money increased but not equal to the champions league prize share for 2023.

The group winners receive prize  amount of  € 1,100,000 and the runner up team get €550,000. By reaching the knockout stage of competition extra bonuses starts to add up. The winner of the round of 16 receives €1,200,000,quarter final winner will get €1,800,000, of semi final gets €2,800,000. Winner of the league will receive €8,600,000 and the runner up team will receive €4,600,000.

Note | The details based on UEFA Europa League prize money are based on 2023 reported, since there be hike expected for the upcoming season competition, the winners share might increased.