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UEFA Champions League Prize Money | TV Market Pool (Distribution) Revealed

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CHampions League Prize Money

The UEFA Champions league first introduced in 1955 and was commonly known as  European Cup, at first it was a straight knockout tournament. Then in 1992 the competition took his current name ” UEFA Champions League” and also added a round robin group stage format.  UEFA Champions League, one of the most watched football tournaments in the world is an annual club football competition organized by Union of European Football Associations. Champions League prize money confirmed and reported based on tv pool money.

According to this the prize money for the winning team would be €20,000,000 which would later be increased after adding the market pool money.

Focusing on the above structure a a club can earn €85,140,000 exclusive of money of qualifying rounds, play off round and the market pool. The team who wins their group match get €2,800,000 per match  and the teams with a drawn match received an equal benefits of  €900,000.

winner of Round of 16 match gets €9600,000 and all eight teams who lost get their share of €9.5 million. Quarter finals winner team gets €10,600,000 and all four losing teams will get €10 million. after that the loser teams of Semi finals and Runners up get upto €12 million.

For year 2021-22 the fixed prize money for the participant clubs are as follows: 



Prize Money Share

Preliminary round

€230K to each losing club

First qualifying round

€300K to each losing club

Second qualifying round

€400K to each losing club in second qualifying round.

Third Qualifying stage

€500K to each losing club in third qualifying round.

Playoff Bonus

€5 million each for 10 teams losing in champions league playoffs

Participation Payments:

€15.5m to each of the 32 clubs qualified for group stage.

Group Game Win

€2.7m for every win in group stage

Group Game Draw

€900,000 for every draw

Knockout Qualification

€10.5m awarded to each of the 16 teams qualifying knockouts.


€11.5m awarded to each of the 8 teams qualifying for quarterfinal


€12.5 million for each of the four semifinalists.


€16 million for losing team in the final


€20 million is added to winning teams already earned payments.

A large part of the total prize amounts distributed to the clubs is linked to the market pool, Television rights money, tickets selling revenue and commercial merit money. Distribution of money is determined by the tv market value in each nation.

For example in season 2014-15 Juventus, who were the runner up team earned a total of almost €89.1 million out of which the €30.9 million was the prize money and on the other hand the winner team of Barcelona earned €61.0 million only, out of which €36.4 million was the prize money.