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CAF Champions League Prize Money 2023 | How Much Winning Team Earn?

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CAF Champions League Prize

In June 2023, the final of CAF Champions League will take place. There are 58 teams that participate in the competition from 46 associations. The competition is sponsored by TotalEnergies and it’s also known as “TotalEnergies CAF Champions League”. CAF Champions League prize money is announced and there is big increase in the prize fund for the teams.

StandingsPrize Money Share2017-22 (Session Purse)2009-16 Session Prize
Semi Finalists$1.2m$875k$700k
Quarter Finalist$900k$650kN/A
3rd in Group Stage$700k$550k$500k
4th in Group Stage$700k$550k$400k

As per reports the prize money is distributed among top 16 teams of the CAF Champions League. The winning team share reported $4m and runner-up in the competition will earn share of $2m. There is slight increase of 35% in the prize money compared to session 2017-22. The official reports confirmed that winner from 2017-22 earn share $2.5m and runner-up received share $1.2m.

The two semi finalists in year 2023, will earn $1.2m each. The four teams who lost in the quarter finals each of them receive share of $900k. Further details regarding to CAF Champions League prize money reported above. The prize money still lower compare to European Champions League and UEFA Europa League competitions.