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Antonio Conte Contract With Tottenham Until 2023 | The Deal Worth of £30m Including Bonuses

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Antonio Conte Salary

Antonio Conte is a former footballer who retired in year 2004. After year of his retirement return to the football as of manager of the team. In 2005, he become the assistant manager of Siena. But official contract as manager of the team earn in year 2006 with team of Arezzo. He is currently active and hold contract with Tottenham Hotspur, after leaving Inter Milan back in 2021. Antonio Conte salary and contract details revealed.

ManagerBase SalaryWeekly WageBonusesContract Worth
Antonio Conte£12m£218k£1.5m£30m | Until 2023

How Much Antonio Conte Salary with new Club?

In 2021, after leaving Inter Milan, Tottenham signed two years deal with Antonio Conte. Many football sources including British news magazine reported salary, for the new Tottenham manager. He is earning £12m a year with his new contract at Spurs.

  • In 2016, he signed deal with Chelsea worth £24 million for three years but after two season he got sacked by the club.
  • The official details of Conte salary at Inter Milan not reported however some sources speculated that he earn £4.5m a year at club from 2019-21.

How Much Conte Earn from His Past Contracts?

The earning details don’t include the payments he received from the clubs after getting sacked. Football managers set their terms with the clubs if they get sacked before the contract how much they will get paid as compensation.

ClubsBase SalaryContract YearDeal Worth
Juventus£3.5m2011-14£15m | including bonuses
Inter Milan£4.5m2019-21£12.5m | with bonuses
Chelsea£8m2016-18£20m | with bonuses

Major Achievements : as Manager

  • First season with Chelsea 2016-17, he won the Premier league title and a year later next season 2017-18, FA Cup title.
  • He won three Serie A titles with Juventus during season, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14

If he signed extension at the Tottenham Hotspurs next season details regarding to his contract deal reported here.