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Al-Wehda FC Players Salaries | Weekly Wages | How Much Clubs Wage Bill Hike?

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Al-Wehda Players Salaries

Al Wehda is a professional football club in Saudi Arabia. It’s currently part of the Saudi Pro League. The club founded back in year 1946, it’s well known for the name of Fursan Mecca and Al Mared Al Ahmar. All home matches of the Al-Wehda team played in King Abdul Aziz Stadium. King Abdul Aziz Stadium is stadium where capacity of people at one time rise to 38k. Giorgos Donis currently hold managers job at Al-Wehda FC. He signed new players to the squad and currently squad contain 35 players including young-stars. Al-Wehda players salaries, weekly wages and contract reported.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagePositionContract Years
Abdulqaddous Attieh£100k£2kGK2024
Basem Atallah£100k£2kGK2024
Jawad El Yamiq£1m£20kDEF2024
Óscar Duarte£500k£10kDEF2024
Abdullah Al-Hafith£250k£5.2kDEF2026
Ali Makki£250k£5.2kDEF2024
Islam Hawsawi£250k£5.2kDEF2024
Abdulelah Al-Bukhari£100k£2kDEF2024
Abdulrahman Al-Hajri£100k£2kDEF2026
Saeed Al-Mowalad£250k£5.2kDEF2025
Naif Kireiri£150k£3.1kDEF2024
Abdulaziz Noor£100k£2kMID2024
Nawaf Al-Hawsawi£100k£2kMID2025
Sattam Al-Tumbukti£100k£2kMID2026
Waleed Bakshween£250k£5.2kMID2024
Yousef Al-Harbi£100k£2kMID2024
Mohammed Al-Qarni£100k£2kMID2024
Fayçal Fajr£850k£17.7kMID2024
Ala’a Al-Hajji£150k£3.1kMID2024
Sultan Al-Sawadi£150k£3.1kMID2024
Abdulkarim Al-Qahtani£100k£2kMID2024
Nawaf bin Saleh Al-Azizi£100k£2kMID2024
Azzam Al-Bishi£100k£2kMID2024
Thamer Al-Ali£100k£2kMID2024
Hussain Al-Eisa£100k£2kLW2025
Sultan Akouz £100k£2kLW2026
Yahya Naji£100k£2kLW2024
Wadhah Al-Otaibi£100k£2kRW2024
Mubarak Al-Sagoor£100k£2kRW2024
Jean-David Beauguel£1.2m£25kFW2024
Odion Ighalo£850k£17.7kFW2024
Hazzaa Al-Ghamdi£100k£2kFW2024
Sultan Hawsawi£100k£2kFW2024

Current squad of Al-Wehda FC based on 35 players. Top highest earning players are the one’s who hold first team squad position. Odion Ighalo, Jean-David Beauguel, Jawad El Yamiq, Fayçal Fajr and Munir listed among highest paid players in the squad of Al-Wehda.

  • Clubs current wage bill based on players contract of 35 players reported £8.5m, but since not all players get full contract earnings, the 24-26 member squad will be part of the major cup and league matches, based on their contract clubs wage bill maximum rise to £7.1m estimated.

Not all players earn guaranteed base salary, some players only earn per game wage. The minimum wage as per reports in Saudi Arabia Pro League reported to be £100k for a player. Players who take part more than 5-7 games in season will earn complete guaranteed base salary. Other players selected only for 1-2 games only earned per match fees. There will be more details based on Al-Wehda players salaries, weekly wages. Once new players signed deal in year 2024 winter transfer window.