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Al-Shabab FC Players Salaries | Weekly Wages | How Much Club Wage Bill Increased after Contracts Renewal?

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Al-Shabab FC Players Salaries

Al-Shabab is a professional football club. It is currently active, first football club in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. About 76 years ago in 1947 it’s founded, the club also known for it’s nickname (Al Leith). Vicente Moreno hold the managers job. In 2022 he signed management deal with Al-Shabab FC, under his management club winning record improved from 43% to 61.5% in season 2022-23. Moreno signed some new players before 2022-23 season kickoff. Al-Shabab FC players salaries, contract deal and bonuses details revealed.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagePositionsContracts
Seung-gyu Kim (new signing)£900k£19kGK2025
Zaid Al-Bawardi£350k£5.8kGK2023
Fawaz Al-Qarni£275k£4.7kGK2024
Hussein Shaian£150k£3kGK2023
Iago Santos£1m£22kDEF2024
Hassan Tambakti£500k£10kDEF2027
Saeed Al-Rubaie (new signing)£300k£6kDEF2025
Hussain Al-Sabiyani (new signing)£150k£3kDEF2023
Nader Al-Sharari£200k£4kDEF2025
Moteb Al-Harbi£150k£3kDEF2026
Fawaz Al-Sagour£700k£15.8kDEF2024
Khalid Al-Ghamdi£250k£4.7kDEF2023
Grzegorz Krychowiak (on loan)£40kDEF2023
Nasser Al-Omran£300k£6kMID2023
Mohammed Eissa Al-Yami (new signing)£100k£2kMID2027
Éver Banega£1.2m£25kMID2023
Hussain Al-Monassar£375k£6.5kMID2023
Mo Adams (new signing)£500k£10kMID2026
Mohammed Attiyah (new signing)£300k£6kMID2023
Cristian Guanca (new signing)£1.5m£31kMID2023
Nawaf Al-Abed£300k£6kMID2023
Carlos Júnior£3.5m£67kWinger2024
Turki Al-Ammar£850k£17kWinger2024
Hattan Bahebri£700k£15.8kWinger2024
Fahad Al-Muwallad (new signing)£800k£16.5kWinger2025
Aaron Boupendza (new signing)£3m£63kFW2025
Santi Mina (on loan)£60kFW2023
Ahmed Abdu (new signing)£500k£10kFW2025
Saud Fallath (new signing)£250k£4.5kDEF2024
Saad Al-Muwallad (new signing)£100k£2kFW2024
Abdullah Saeed (new signing)£100k£2kFW2024
Nawaf Al-Dawsari (new signing)£100k£2kDEF2024
Nasser Al-Bishi (new signing)£100k£2kFW2024
How Much Club Spend on Players Wage Bill?

Just like other clubs, Al-Shabab FC spend huge budget on players the club hold 4th most expensive squad in the Saudi Pro League. The club currently spending wage budget of £15m a season. Clubs wage bill will be increased to £18.5m since there are players who’s contract going to be end before the 2022-23 season.

Who is the highest paid player in the current squad of Al-Shabab FC?

Aaron Boupendza and Carlos Júnior the two hold most expensive contract. Junior is the highest paid player who make £3.5m estimated since joining club back in year 2021. He signed long-term contract deal, in 38 match appearances for Al-Shabab FC, he scored 24 goals for the team.

If there are any changes to the Al-Shabab FC players salaries, contracts before the season the details will be updated here. Vicente Moreno, hopeful to challenge Al-Ittihad and Al-Nassr this season for the league title and league cup.