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Al-Riyadh Players Salaries | Weekly Wages | How Much Clubs Wage Bill Hike from £5m In Year?

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Al-Riyadh Players Salaries

Al-Riyadh is a professional football club, which is currently competing in the Saudi Pro League 2023-24. Club founded back in year 1953. Yannick Ferrera currently hold managers position and looking for the best players for the upcoming season. Al-Riyadh players salaries, weekly wages and contract details based on reported data revealed.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagePositionContracts
Martín Campaña (new signing)£375k£7.8kGK2024
Zaid Al-Bawardi (new signing)£150k£3.1kGK2025
Hani Al-Nahedh£100k£2kGK2024
Rakan Al-Najar£100k£2kGK2024
Ibrahim Al-Hafez£100k£2kGK2024
Ibrahim Al-Hafith£100k£2kGK2024
Alin Tosca (on-loan deal)£8.2kDEF2024
Dino Arslanagic (new signing)£500k£10kDEF2024
Zeab Majrashi£100k£2kDEF2024
Ahmed Asiri (new signing)£100k£2kDEF2024
Abdulelah Al-Khaibari£100k£2kDEF2024
Ali Al-Zaqan (new signing)£150k£3.1kDEF2024
Hussain Al-Nuweqi (new signing)£150k£3.1kDEF2024
Amiri Kurdi (new signing)£150k£3.1kDEF2024
Fahad Muneef £100k£2kDEF2024
Birama Touré (new signing)£850k£17.7kDEF2024
Abdullah Al-Dossari£150k£3.1kDEF2024
Didier Ndong (new signing)£500k£10kMID2024
Fahad Al-Rashidi£100k£2kMID2024
Knowledge Musona (new signing)£475k£9.8kMID2024
Abdulhadi Al-Harajin (new signing)£200k£4kMID2024
Mohammed Al-Aqel£100k£2kWinger2024
Saleh Al-Abbas (new signing)£100k£2kFW2024
Abdulrahman Al-Yami£100k£2kFW2024
Saleh Ali Al Dosari£100k£2kMID2024
Abdulaziz Abduassalam£100k£2kDEF2024
Emad Adnan£100k£2kDEF2024
Hosam Al-Dawsari£100k£2kATT2024
Majed Al-Marzouqi£100k£2kDEF2024
Hussein Moath£100k£2kATT2024
Abdullah Al-Mousa£100k£2kMID2024
Bander Hawsawi£100k£2kATT2024
Khalid Al-Shuwayyi£100k£2kDEF2024
Saleh Al-Saeed£100k£2kMID2024
Mohamed Al-Oqil£100k£2kMID2024
Bader Al-Mutairi£100k£2kMID2024
  • Based on first team squad and regular contract holders in the squad, clubs wage bill hike to £5.6m based on players contract bonuses.
  • Once the big name players will become part of the squad in future we may see hike in the clubs wage bill in 2024-25 season.
  • Minimum wage for Saudi Pro League players local and international players reported £100k, but as per reports some players only offered full contract money when they will play matches for the club they only get paid per match fees but if player will be part of more than 5-6 matches, he will earn full contract money at the end of the season.

Birama Touré, Didier Ndong, Martín Campaña and Knowledge Musona are among highest paid players of the Al-Riyadh team. Since big name players showing interest in the Saudi Pro League we may see big names joining the club Al-Riyadh, in winter transfer window 2024 and summer transfer window. There will be more details based Al-Riyadh players salaries, weekly wages once the club signed new players in 2023-24.

As per reports the club signed more than 35 players to the squad, there is only one player on loan deal who will be part of the squad until June 2024. Alin Tosca signed one year loan contract deal worth £8.2k per match fees. The first team squad will earn guaranteed base pay as per contract while players that have recently signed with club only earn money when the will be part of the team in cup competitions and league not all players awarded with full contracts.