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Adelaide United Players Salaries | How Much Clubs Wage Bill Increased?

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Adelaide United Players Salaries

Australian A League Men season 2022-23 announced. Season began in the month of October 2022 and ended in 2023. There is a break in the season due to World Cup 2022. The new contracts are offered to players. Zach Clough hold the most expensive marquee player contract. He signed contract under visa 1 category player. Another player who join the squad of Adelaide United in 2022 is Hiroshi Ibusuki on visa 2 category. Adelaide United players salaries based on marquee and designated player updated.

Who is Highest Paid Player in Adelaide United?

Zach Clough and Hiroshi Ibusuki the two player hold contract in visa category (1 and 2), which means they earn minimum salary $300k and maximum salary can increased to $600k based on the team wage budget. It depends on the club either they want to sign player worth $300k to $600k or shift the player from squad to the marquee spot.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WageStatusRoleContract
James DelianovAUD $62kAUD $1.3kGK2023
Joe GauciAUD $62kAUD $1.3kGK2024
Ethan CoxAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipGK2023
Steven HallAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipGK2025
Ben WarlandAUD $150kAUD $1kDEF2024
Nick AnsellAUD $200kAUD $3.2kDEF2024
Lachlan BarrAUD $100kAUD $2.1kDEF2024
Alexander PopovicAUD $150kAUD $3.2kDEF2024
Ryan KittoAUD $200kAUD $3.6kDEF2025
Joshua CavalloAUD $62kAUD $1.3kDEF2023
Harry Van Der SaagAUD $100kAUD $2.1kDEF2024
Javi LopezAUD $150kAUD $3.2kVisa 4DEF2023
Louis D’ArrigoAUD $62kAUD $1.3kDM2023
Isaías SánchezAUD $100kAUD $2.1kOverseasDM2024
Juande PradosAUD $225kAUD $3.8kVisa 3DM2023
Jonny YullAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipMID2023
Ethan AlagichAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipMID2023
Craig Goodwin (C)AUD $150kAUD $3.2kMID2025
Nestory IrankundaAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipMID2023
Ben HalloranAUD $200kAUD $3.6kMID2024
BernardoAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipMID2025
Panashe MadanhaAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipMID2024
Zach CloughAUD $350kAUD $7.5kVisa 1SS2024
Hiroshi IbusukiAUD $300kAUD $6.2kVisa 2FW2024
George BlackwoodAUD $150kAUD $3.2kFW2023
Asad KasumovicAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipFW2023
Luka JovanovicAUD $45kAUD $1kScholarshipFW2024

How Much Scholarship Contract Holder Players Earn?

The young talented players who got selected in scholarship category earn $45k a season. The payment to the scholarship players only made if they play few games in the season.

More details regarding Adelaide United players salaries, contracts and transfer updated once transfer window for 2023 is open.