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Sebastian Vettel Contract Deal with Aston Martin F1 Team Until 2021

Sebastian Vettel Salary Contract Deal with Aston Martin F1

Contract Year

Base Salary

Per Race Wage

Promotional Bonus

F1 Team

2021 (new contract)

$23 million

$1 million

$2 million

Aston Martin F1






Contract Worth

$25 million (including sponsorship and signing fees bonus)

Sebastian Vettel, is a professional racing driver from Germany and he recently signed new deal with Aston Martin F1 team after leaving Scuderia Ferrari in 2020. He signed the deal with huge pay-cut, according to F1 news sources, he earn $45 million a year with Scuderia Ferrari which now decrease to $17 million a year as per sources. Sebastian Vettel salary reported $24 million that include bonuses for winning and finishing in top three position. The details regarding to Sebastian Vettel base salary and contract extension updated here if he got offered from Aston Martin F1 for another year.

Sebastian Vettel Salary Contract