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Daniel Ricciardo Contract Deal with McLaren F1 Until 2021

Daniel Ricciardo Salary Contract Deal with McLaren F1

Contract Year

Base Salary

Per Race Wage

Promotional Bonus

F1 Team

2021 (current contract)

$15 million


$1.5 million

McLaren F1

2022 (contract extension)





Contract Worth

$15 million (not including sponsorship and signing fees bonus)

Daniel Joseph Ricciardo professional racing driver from Australia, he is currently part of McLaren F1 team, according to reports hold fourth most expensive contract in 2021 season. He gets huge paycut after switching from Renault to McLaren last season, news sources claimed that he is earning $42 million a season after signing two years deal with Renault. Daniel Ricciardo salary reported $15 million for 2021 F1 season and he may signed extension deal for another year with McLaren F1. If any changes made to Daniel Ricciardo base salary and contract deal in upcoming season or he moved to another Formula One team details provided here.

Daniel Ricciardo Salary Contract