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Cazoo UK Open Prize Money | How £600k Fund Distributed Among Players? How Much Winner Share?

UK Open Prize Money

The upcoming Darts competition is announced, UK Open take place in the month of March 2023. All matches will be played between the time period of 3 March to 5th March 2023. Butlin’s, Minehead, England selected venue for UK Open. UK Open prize money announced and it’s hike 12% more compare to past year event.

StandingsPrize MoneyNumber of Players
Semi Finalist£30k2 losing semi finalist
Quarter Finalist£15k4 losing quarter finalist
Round of 16£10k8 players knockout
Round of 32£5k16 players knockout
Round of 64£2.5k32 players knockout
Round of 94£1.5k30 players knockout
Round of 128£1k34 players knockout
Round of 160N/A
Total Prize Money£600k
How Much is UK Open Prize Money?

The official details for the upcoming Darts competition prize money announced there will be £600k distribution among the players in UK Open.

How Much Winning Player Earn in UK Open?

Since the prize money is increased, last year the winner receive share of £100k this year the winners purse increased to £110k.

What will be the share of Runner-up in UK Open?

The finalist who could not win, will earn share of £50k. However the two semi finalist who could make to the final each of them receive share of £30k. All four players who lost quarter finals will take home guaranteed prize money share of £15k.

Further details regarding UK Open fund and each dart players purse reported here once the event is completed.