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SA20 Umpires Salaries | How Much Match Referees Get Paid from the Sponsorships?

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SA20 Umpires Salaries

The first edition of SA20 announced. Cricket league will take place in the month of January and finals will be held on February 2023. it looks like the South Africa cricket board change the structure of their league which will welcome new investors and almost all teams owned by the IPL team owners. The League also known as “Mini IPL” after all teams names familiar with IPL teams. With the announcement of the league SA20 reported umpires names for competition. SA20 umpires salaries based on league umpires wages data reported.

UmpiresPer Match FeesBase SalaryContracts
Marais Erasmus$1k$15k2023
Siphelele Gasa$1k$10k2023
Babalo Gcuma$1k$10k2023
Shaun George$1k$15k2023
Stephen Harris$1k$10k2023
Adrian Holdstock$1k$10k2023
Arno Jacobs$1k$10k2023
Bongani Jele$1k$10k2023
Allahudien Paleker$1k$10k2023
Dennis Smith$1k$10k2023
Abdullah Steenkamp$1k$10k2023
Brad White$1k$10k2023
How Much Umpires Earn Per Match in SA20?

SA20 umpires salaries compare to some other leagues will be higher. There will be 33 games and most professional one match umpires earn more than $10k. Marais Erasmus will earn estimated salary a match upto ($1k) but based on his experienced he will get maximum salary ($15k). Match umpires do get paid from the sponsorship but no official details released about umpires sponsorship payments at SA20.

How Much Match Referees Earn in SA20?
RefereesPer Match FeesBase Salary Contracts
Barry Lambson$750$7k2023
Laurence Matroos$750$7k2023
Zama Ndamane$750$7k2023
Gerrie Pienaar$750$7k2023
Shaid Wadvalla$750$7k2023

A match referee might be at off-field but observing events from a spectator area. He had no control on the match results or match decision but the main job is to make sure the ICC Cricket Code of Conduct follow throughout the game. If there is any breach of code of conduct, It’s his job to hand out penalties for any breaches. Match referees salaries in SA20 estimated and reported.

The figures for the SA20 umpires and referees salaries were estimated not officially announced, however if any new umpire or match referee joined the league details updated here later.