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Pakistan Super League Umpires Salaries | Match Referees Contracts | How Much Sponsorship Pay to On-Field Umpires?

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PSL Umpires Salaries

Pakistan Super League upcoming season will began from 13th February and final will be held on 19th March 2023. The organizers, taken strict security measure to ensure a safe cricket league season. Top players from worldwide this year, travel to Pakistan play in the Pakistan Super League. Some of the best Umpires who hold contract with ICC also part of the PSL. PSL umpires salaries based on their contract with organizers reported.

OfficialsBase SalarySponsorship BonusCategoryContracts
Ahsan Raza $10k$3kUmpire2023
Aleem Dar$20k$3kUmpire2023
Alex Wharf$20k$3kUmpire2023
Asif Yaqoob$10k$3kUmpire2023
Faisal Afridi$10k$3kUmpire2023
Martin Saggers$20k$3kUmpire2023
Michael Gough$20k$3kUmpire2023
Mohammad Asif$10k$3kUmpire2023
Nasir Hussain$10k$3kUmpire2023
Rashid Riaz$10k$3kUmpire2023
Richard Illingworth$20k$3kUmpire2023
Shozab Raza$10k$3kUmpire2023
Ruchira Palliyaguruge$20k$3kUmpire2023
Tariq Rasheed$10k$3kUmpire2023
Ali Naqvi $10knot reportedReferee2023
Iftikhar Ahmed$10knot reportedReferee2023
Muhammad Javed$10knot reportedReferee2023
Mohammad Anees$10knot reportedReferee2023
Roshan Mahanama$14knot reportedReferee2023
How Much A PSL Umpire Earn Per Match or A season?

Pakistan Super League offered match officials contracts before the season. The local umpires earn maximum between $10k to $15k. While some umpires who hold contract with ICC have more experienced like Aleem Dar, earn upto $20k a season.

  • Umpires who got experienced of International cricket or hold contract with ICC earn more rather than local umpires who got less experienced or working under-development program.
How Much a Match Referee Earn in PSL?

A match referee remains off the field of play at all times during the actual play of the game, he observe the game and at the end of the match provide details of pitch report to ICC in international competition and in leagues to the organizers. The main responsibility of is to ensure that the ICC Cricket Code of Conduct is upheld during the game, if there is a breach of code conduct during the match, than it’s his duty to hand out penalties for any breaches. A match referee in PSL earn estimated salary of $10k.

How Much Sponsors pay to the Umpires in PSL?

The details regarding to sponsorship payouts is estimated, there is logo of sponsorships on the match umpires shirt and they earn as apparel bonus like other league umpires. In IPL umpires earn $10k to $15k from apparel sponsorship. In PSL estimated sponsorship money for Umpires upto $3k a season.

More details regarding PSL umpires salaries, contracts and how much a match referee earn if there are any changes made to their earnings in future.