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IPL Umpires Salaries | Contract Details | Sponsorship Earnings | How Much They Earn in Playoff’s & Final?

IPL Umpires Salaries

Indian Premier League began from the month of April 2023. As per reports the final matches will be held in the month of May. Top international umpires from worldwide got selected for the IPL season 2023. How much IPL umpires salaries?

UmpiresPer Match SalarySponsorshipStatusContract
Anil Chaudhary$4.5k$10kLocal2023
C. Shamshuddin$4.5k$10kLocal2023
Virender Sharma$4.5k$10kLocal2023
K.N. Ananthapadmanabhan$4.5k$10kLocal2023
Nitin Menon$4.5k$10kLocal2023
Sundaram Ravi$5k$10kLocal2023
Vineet Kulkarni$5k$10kLocal2023
Yashwant Barde$4.5k$10kLocal2023
Richard Illingworth$5k$10kOverseas2023
Paul Reiffel$5k$10kOverseas2023
Christopher Gaffaney$5k$10kOverseas2023
Ulhas Gandhe$4.5k$10kLocal2023
Anil Dandekar$5k$10kLocal2023
K Srinivasan$4.5k$10kLocal2023
Pashchim Pathak$4.5k$10kLocal2023
How much contract base IPL umpires salaries?

There are two categories in which umpires got selected in IPL, based on reports elite category umpires top paid they earn more compare to regular umpires or umpires that just come from development program. Back in year 2022 a US media outlet reported umpires in IPL earn maximum $4k-$5k based on their international match experiences. Sponsorship that is mention or printed on the outfits of umpires also paid them as per reports in back in year 2010 and 2008, IPL umpires earn $5k to $6k from sponsors.

CategoriesPer Match FeesSponsorshipsBase Salary
Elite Panel Umpires$5k $10k$75,000
Development Program Umpires$3k (reported) $10k$22,000
Who are Elite Panel Umpires Why Do they Get Paid More?

It’s not only in IPL but all over the world where cricket T20 championships played, the league organizers prefer local best umpires and international umpires who got selected for ICC cricket panel who got expiernce of years and top tournament’s like ICC Championship Trophy, T20 World Cup, Asia Cup, Ashes and Cricket World Cup. Since they got years of expiernce they earn more compare to the umpires local who just debut in the season. Based on fact and figures that were reported back to back from year 2016-2022, IPL umpires highest paid in the world.

  • Elite Umpires get free travel budget
  • Free food and gym access until the event
Regular Umpires & Development Program Umpires :

All cricket leagues not only finding good talents for the national side but also cricket umpires for this they select number of umpires from local cricket tournaments and once these umpires skills and decision making become better the got selected for the league match, in the start years they earn between $1.5k to $3k once their expiernce increased with in the years they earn upto $5k per match.

How Much IPL Umpires Earn when they got selected for playoff’s?

The figures for the IPL umpires per match salary reported, however back in year 2021 and 2022 there reports from Asia and US media outlets that IPL umpires earn more than actual salary when the were part of the playoff matches. The report claim an umpire earn $10k a match fees during the playoff’s and finals but still these were claims not official yet.

Further details which include IPL umpires salaries and how much they earn per match in year 2024 updated here. Currently IPL umpires earn more compare to PSL Umpires and Big Bash League Umpires.