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IPL Prize Money History From 2008-2023 | How Much Covid-19 Impact Indian Premier League Purse In Year 2020?

History Indian Premier League Money

BCCI currently organizing the Indian Premier League season. In 2008, the first edition take place and it’s the season that made BCCI organizers to think for another season. Stadiums were filled with crowed before the match that shows the popularity of IPL. After first three season IPL become the brands top players worldwide start joining the league after lucrative contract deals offer to them. The IPL prize money constantly increased each season. History of Indian premier league prize money reported from 1st Edition 2008 until 2023.

IPL SeasonWinners ShareRunner-ups3rd Place4th PlaceTotal Prize Money
What is the History of Indian Premier League prize money?

In the first edition the winners of the IPL 2008 tournament receive share $585k, while the runner-ups earn prize money share of $262k. There is slight increase in the prize money of IPL in 2009. As per reports $1.6m distributed among the teams according to which winners earn $730k share and runner-ups receive share of $350k.

  • From 2010-2012 Indian premier league season, there is no increase or decrease in the prize money of IPL, as per reports for all three years. Winners receive share of $1.21m and $610k adjusted for the runner-ups.
  • 2013-15 IPL season the fund reported worth of $4.9m, the figures claimed by number of Indian news portals and US media outlets, according to their data the winners receive share of $1.8m from $4.9m total fund.
  • Covid-19 factor is the major reason behind the prize money ratio drop down during the year 2020. The matches played behind close doors, the league earned all revenue through tv channels, endorsements and streaming deals. IPL prize money which is rise to $5.84m during the year 2016-19 drop down to the lowest numbers of $3.21m.
  • Since 2021-2023 IPL seasons there is a massive increase in the prize money and the demand of the league worldwide. Total fund for the Indian Premier League increased from $3.21m to $6.27m (estimated) for year 2023.

TV Channels Deals :

One of the major reason behind the IPL prize money increment is the television broadcast rights deal. TV broadcast deals made IPL one of the richest cricket leagues in the world.

Sponsorships :

TATA, PayTM, StarSports top sponsors of the world join their hand and made it one of the most valuable cricket league in the world. Current T20 IPL season 2023 is sponsored by the TATA before that Vivo hold sponsorship rights.

Once the IPL season 2024 take place next year the details including players pool money and prize money will be provided here later.