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Xu Can vs Leigh Wood Guaranteed Purse (31 July 2021) Title Fight

Xu Can vs Leigh Wood Guaranteed Purse Money (31 July 2021)


Guaranteed Money

PPV Share

Total Payout

Xu Can



£500,000 (no pay-per-view points share reported)

Leigh Wood



£350,000 (no pay-per-view points share reported)

This upcoming weekend, Chinese boxer (Xu Can) return to boxing ring his pay-per-view fight with Leigh Wood announced. It’s confirmed that, pay-per-view fight take place on 31st July 2021, at Matchroom Headquarters, in Brentwood, England with limited audience. It’s a great chance for Leigh Wood, to become the new WBA regular featherweight champion. Xu Can Leigh Wood purse payouts based on their contract deals with promoters reported.

Xu Can Leigh Wood Purse

Xu Can, the current defending champion of WBA regular featherweight title, earn guaranteed purse money £500k for the fight no pay-per-view share reported for the fight. The opponent and challenger (Leight Wood) get paid £350k maximum purse for the fight. If both boxers Xu Can Wood purse increased based on sponsorship, tv money or pay-per-view share details updated here later.