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Tommy McCarthy vs Chris Billam-Smith Guaranteed Purse (31 July 2021)

Tommy McCarthy vs Chris Billam Smith Purse Payouts (31 July 2021)


Guaranteed Money

PPV Share

Total Payout

Tommy McCarthy



£70,000 (no pay-per-view points share reported)

Chris Billam Smith



£125,000 (no pay-per-view points share reported)

Tommy McCarthy, who made professional debut in year 2019, earned another title fight, in the upcoming pay-per-view fight he will face Chris Billam Smith for Commonwealth and vacant British cruiserweight titles. The fight is confirmed and take place as co-main event under fight card of (Can vs Wood) on 31st July at Matchroom Headquarters, Brentwood in England. Tommy McCarthy Chris Billam Smith purse payouts based on their fight promotion deal reported.

McCarthy Billam Smith Purse

Chris Billam-Smith, hopeful to make a successful return to ring his upcoming fight feature European and British cruiserweight titles. Billam-Smith will earn guaranteed payout £125k and his opponent McCarthy will pocket (£50k) money on fight night. Tommy McCarthy Billam Smith purse include no pay-per-view share revenue, which means no tv money or sponsorship bonus awarded to each of them.