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Tenshin Nasukawa vs Luis Guzman Purse Payouts | 18 September 2023

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Tenshin Nasukawa Guzman Purse

This upcoming weekend, Japanese professional boxer and former kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa will be back in action his fight schedule with Luis Guzman. It’s confirmed that Nasukawa will be in action part of Teiken Promotions pay-per-view. Tenshin Nasukawa Luis Guzman purse payouts based on contract deal with promotion reported.

Tenshin Nasukawa$100k
Luis Guzman$75k

Tenshin Nasukawa who is active in boxing since 2023, dominate opponent Yuki Yonaha in his first fight. As per reports Nasukawa earned guaranteed money $25k for debut boxing fight and before that he earned $2.5m reported money for Mayweather exhibition fight. In upcoming weekend, Nasukawa will earn guaranteed $100k for the fight against Guzman.

Luis Guzman estimated money for the fight against Tenshin Nasukawa on 18 September 2023, will be $75k however if there are any extra money or bonuses awarded to these boxers later included to Tenshin Nasukawa Luis Guzman purse.