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Subriel Matias vs Jeremias Ponce Purse Payouts | How Much Both Boxers Earn From bonuses at Showtime PPV?

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Subriel Matias Ponce Purse

Showtime, announced their next boxing. Subriel Matias will be seen in action against Jeremias Ponce. The official coverage rights for the pay-per-view hold by Showtime in (US) and FiteTV in UK. Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States selected venue for the fight. Subriel Matias Jeremias Ponce purse payouts based on their contracts with promotion reported.

BoxersPursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Subriel Matias$250kN/A$250k
Jeremias Ponce$125kN/A$125k
How Much Subriel Matias Will Earn at Upcoming Showtime PPV?

The fight is confirmed, Subriel Matias who is hopeful to become new IBF junior welterweight champion, will earn guaranteed purse estimated $250k. No reports revealed that either pay-per-view share paid to the boxer.

How Much Jeremias Ponce Earn from the fight?

Jeremias Ponce, who is undefeated since 2015, will earn guaranteed purse $125k for this fight. Even if there will be pay-per-view money promoters never shared that, potential bonuses and pay-per-view always kept secret.

If there will be details for the both boxers regarding to win bonus, ppv money and potential bonus, the details added to Subriel Matias Jeremias Ponce purse after the fight. Jake Paul fight with Tommy Fury and Mayweather Jr fight with Chalmers catch all the attention this upcoming week of boxing.