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Shadasia Green vs Olivia Curry Purse Payouts | 5 August 2023

Shadasia Green Curry Purse

Shadasia Green will return this upcoming weekend to the boxing ring her upcoming fight opponent revealed, as per reports, she will be in action against opponent Olivia Curry. The fight is feature in the main-card of the Paul vs Diaz pay-per-view. Shadasia Green Olivia Curry purse payouts based on contract deal reported.

Shadasia Green$30k
Olivia Curry$25k

The official details of the both female boxers purse not revealed yet, but based on their previous fight payouts, Shadasia Green will earn guaranteed purse money of $30k. Olivia Curry will earn guaranteed purse of $25k from the pay-per-view fight. If both of the female boxers received any win bonus, sponsorship or ticket revenue details regarding Shadasia Green Olivia Curry purse updated here after (Paul vs Diaz) pay-per-view completed.