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Seniesa Estrada vs Tina Rupprecht Purse Payouts | How Much Both Women Boxers Earn from PPV Money?

Seniesa Estrada Rupprecht Purse

In the upcoming weekend, the top women boxing pay-per-view will be held among Seniesa Estrada and Tina Rupprecht. The fight selected as the co-main event for the (Ramirez vs Commey) pay-per-view card. Official coverage rights for this fight hold by the ESPN+. Top Rank is the official promoter for the pay-per-view card. Seniesa Estrada Tina Rupprecht purse payouts for the fight revealed.

BoxersPursesPPV Share
Seniesa Estrada$200kN/A
Tina Rupprecht$75kN/A
How Much Seniesa Estrada Earn for Rupprecht Fight?

The 30 year old undefeated female boxer from United States, currently hold contract worth of $200k with boxing promotion. Seniesa Estrada will earn guaranteed money $200k for the fight against Rupprecht. However, she earned guaranteed $150k for the fight against (Jazmin Gala Villarino) back in 2022.

Tina Rupprecht is a professional boxer from Germany, she is listed among one of the most popular and beautiful women boxers currently active. She will earn guaranteed money between $50k to $75k for the fight. Her current contract worth between $25k to $75k a fight.

Further details regarding to Seniesa Estrada Tina Rupprecht purse will be updated once the fight is ended. The fight will be held before main-event Jose Ramirez and Richard Commey bout.