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Regis Prograis vs Jose Zepeda Purse Payouts | $240k Awarded to the Winner of the Fight

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Regis Prograis Zepeda Purse

A strong boxing match between two top contenders take place, Regis Prograis hopeful to earn a victory over opponent Jose Zepeda at California, United States. In 2019, things turn difficult for Prograis after suffering major defeat from Josh Taylor in 02 Arena, London, England. The undefeated run of Prograis ended in 2019 which began in 2012 from his pro debut. Regis Prograis Jose Zepeda purse payouts for the upcoming fight confirmed.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePurse SplitTotal Payout
Regis Prograis$500k50%$1.2m – not including ppv share
Jose Zepeda$450k50%$1.1m – not including ppv share

How Much Purse Split Adjusted for Both Boxers?

MarvNation, boxing promotion earned the rights for the fight, they submit a bid of $2.4m for the fight as per sources. WBC asked for a deposit of $240k before the fight which will be later given to the winner. The further amount will be distributed equally among fighters with 50% split share.

How Much Winner of the vacant world super lightweight title Earn?

Since the WBC asked to submit $240k before the fight. The news sources reported later that deposited money will be later give to the winning boxer which means if total amount of $1.2m paid Prograis, he will earn $240k extra only if he wins and if Zepeda earns victory he will earn $240k.

What will PPV Share Revenue for Both Boxers?

Currently no details released how much pay-per-view money paid to the boxers. But since the purse bid is massive there might no ppv share for any of the boxers, if there will be details including Regis Prograis Jose Zepeda purse payouts updated here.