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Mikaela Mayer vs Lucy Wildheart Purse Payouts | What will be share of both boxer from PPV Money?

Mikaela Mayer Wildheart Purse

The 32 year old professional boxer Mikaela Mayer return to the boxing ring where she will fight against Lucy Wildheart. The fight is confirmed between these two held as co-main event of (Joyce vs Zhang PPV). Mayer hold a strong grip on her opponents and performed outstanding since making debut in boxing and retain winning streak from 2017-2022, until Alycia Baumgardner defeat her on 15 October 2022 at O2 Arena, London, England. Mikaela Mayer Lucy Wildheart purse payouts for the fight reported.

BoxersPursesPPV MoneyTotal Payouts
Mikaela Mayer$275kN/A$275k
Lucy Wildheart$100kN/A$100k
How Much Mikaela Mayer Earn from upcoming PPV fight?

Mayer looking forward to make a successful comeback after losing a big pay-per-view fight against Alycia Baumgardner. Before that fight she hold winning streak for 17 fights. As per reports by US media outlet, Mikaela Mayer earn guaranteed purse $500k for the fight against Jennifer Han. However based on previous fight result she will earn $275k for the pay-per-view fight against Wildheart.

Mikaela Mayer Fight Record : 18 Fights, 17 Wins, 1 Loss

What purse adjusted for Lucy Wildheart for upcoming boxing fight?

Lucy Wildheart looking in great shape before the fight, she is among top confident boxer who defeated opponents that are favorite to win the fight against her. In 2022, she made last appearance against (Klaudia Ferenczi), as per reports earn $50k purse for the fight. The fight against Much Mikaela Mayer is a chance for her to prove that she can be pay-per-view and crowed pulling boxer. She will earn guaranteed purse $100k no pay-per-view money reported. Further details regarding to these two boxers Mikaela Mayer Lucy Wildheart purse updated after the fight. It’s a fight take place before main-event (Zhang vs Joyce) ppv fight on 15th April 2023.

Lucy Wildheart Fight Record : 11 Fights, 10 Wins, 1 Loss