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Liam Smith Career Earnings | Purse Payouts | How Much PPV Share Bonus He Earn Per Fight?

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Liam Smith Career Earnings

Liam Smith is a professional boxer from United Kingdom. He is active in his boxing career and hold contract deal with boxing promotion. The next fight of his career announced, he will be seen against Chris Eubank Jr in AO Arena, Manchester, England. In 2008 he made professional debut. Biggest fight of his career yet, reported take place with Canelo Álvarez, the fight generate business of $20m from ppv money. Liam Smith career earnings, purse payouts and pay-per-view money details reported.

OpponentsPursePPV ShareFight Year
Duncan Cottier$3kN/A2008
John Van Emmenis$3kN/A2008
Kevin McCauley$3kN/A2009
Darren Gethin$3kN/A2009
Billy Smith$3kN/A2010
Terry Caruthers$3kN/A2010
Matt Scriven$3kN/A2010
Barrie Jones$10kN/A2011
Gerard Healy$10kN/A2011
Paul Morby$10kN/A2012
Andrew Patterson$10kN/A2012
Dee Mitchell$10kN/A2012
Gary McMillan$10kN/A2012
Steve O’Meara$25kN/A2012
Max Maxwell$25kN/A2013
Erick Ochieng$50kN/A2013
Mark Thompson$50kN/A2013
Jason Welborn$50kN/A2014
Zoltan Sera$75kN/A2014
Robert Talarek$75kN/A2015
David Ezequiel Romero$125kN/A2015
John Thompson$125k50%2015
Jimmy Kelly$125k50%2015
Predrag Radošević$125k50%2016
Canelo Álvarez$275k30%2016
Marian Cazacu$150k50%2017
Liam Williams$225k50%2017
Liam Williams$275k50%2017
Jaime Munguía$75kN/A2018
Sam Eggington$175kN/A2019
Mario Alberto Lozano$175kN/A2019
Roberto García$175kN/A2019
Magomed Kurbanov$200kN/A2021
Anthony Fowler$200kN/A2021
Jessie Vargas$225k50%2022
Hassan Mwakinyo$275kN/A2022
Chris Eubank Jr$500k40%2023
How Much Liam Smith Earning Per Fight in Boxing?

He earned career highest purse for the fight against Canelo Alvarez, according to reports Smith earn guaranteed purse $275k and also make some money from pay-per-view share. The fight generated $20m from 300k pay-per-view sales at HBO.

How Much Liam Smith Earn for Eubank Jr Fight?

Official numbers not claimed yet, however it’s reports that $500k maximum purse adjusted for the Liam Smith for the fight against Chris Eubank Jr. There will be pay-per-view share points for both boxers which means Smith can earn upto $1.2m from the fight if pay-per-view crossed the figure of 500k sales in UK.

Complete details how much Liam Smith career earnings, increased after 2023 boxing calendar. The purse payouts reported after purse split confirmed between the two boxers.