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Lawrence Okolie vs Chris Billam-Smith Purse Payouts | 27 May 2023

Lawrence Okolie Light Purse

In the upcoming weekend, Lawrence Okolie will be back in action and his fight will take place with Chris Billam-Smith at Vitaliy Stadium in Bournemouth, England on 27th May 2023. Boxxer promotion hold official rights of the pay-per-view and there will be 9 boxing bouts held on 27 May. Lawrence Okolie Chris Billam-Smith purse payouts reported.

BoxerPursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Lawrence Okolie$500kN/A$500k
Chris Billam-Smith$300kN/A$300k
How Much Lawrence Okolie Earn from Billam-Smith Fight?

This upcoming weekend, Lawrence Okolie returning to the boxing ring where he will fight opponent Chris Billam-Smith. He will earn guaranteed purse $500k for the fight. The pay-per-view share details not revealed, however if he received any bonus based on ppv sales details added-up later. Okolie previously dominated opponent (David Light) and looking forward to retain his winning run and win against Chris Billam-Smith.

Chris Billam-Smith who hold record of 17 wins looking forward to become the new WBO cruiserweight champion. He will earn estimated guaranteed purse $300k for the fight. Billam-Smith previously dominated opponent Armend Xhoxhaj and Isaac Chamberlain to earn this opportunity. Further details regarding to Lawrence Okolie Chris Billam-Smith purse updated once the fight is ended.