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KSI Career Earnings | Purse Payouts | How Much Olajide Olatunji Earn after turning Boxing Promoter?

KSI Career Earnings

Olajide Olatunji is a professional YouTuber and rapper. But recently he shown great interest in physical sports and turned boxer and fighting exhibition bouts. The 29 year old Olatunji resides in London, England and become one of the richest influencer from top media platform YouTube. The details how much KSI career earnings from boxing fights reported here.

OpponentsPursePPV SplitTotal Payout (Including PPV Money)Year
Logan Paul$500k50%$1.2m2018
Joe Weller$500kN/A$500k2018
Logan Paul$900k50%$1.8m2019
Alcaraz Pineda$500kN/A$500k2022
Faze Temperrr$700k70% (estimated)$3m2023
Thomas Oliveira$500k70% $2.5m2023
Joe Fournier$500k70%$2m2023
Jake Paul$1m50%$2m2023
How Much Olajide Olatunji Earn Highest in Boxing?

The first fight between Logan Paul and KSI set big record of pay-per-view sales. Top sources revealed that both boxers received share $500k for the fight and as per details they have some ppv money points in their contract both make bit extra from PPV money overall earnings of KSI increased $1.2m.

  • In 2019, another re-match take place between Logan Paul and KSI, this time both boxers earned guaranteed $900k. After the fight completed PPV sales record broken, the fight generate £2.5m in UK and more than £25m in US (DAZN). That brings extra share of PPV money to both boxers account worth $1.8m maximum.

Further details regarding to KSI career earnings which include his exhibition fights purse payouts updated here. The next fight his take place in MF and DAZN Series X:004 against Temperrr.