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Knockout CP Freshmart vs Erick Rosa Purse Payouts | How Much Both Boxers Earn from Potential Bonus?

CP Freshmart Rosa Purse

This upcoming Monday, Knockout CP Freshmart will be back in action his fight will take place with Erick Rosa at Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. The purse bid accepted highest part of the purse went current defending champion Knockout CP Freshmart, according to detail he will earn guaranteed $140k and opponent Erick Rosa. Knockout CP Freshmart Erick Rosa purse payouts reported for the 1st March, 2023 fight pay-per-view.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePotential BonusTotal Payouts
Knockout CP Freshmart$140k$100k$240k
Erick Rosa$122kN/A$122k
How Much Knockout CP Freshmart Earn from the PPV fight?

The official coverage rights Knockout CP Freshmart fight not reported yet but purse bids and boxers shares revealed, Knockout CP Freshmart will earn $140k and $100k as potential bonus if he managed to earn victory once again and retain the title.

How Much Erick Rosa Will Earn from the PPV Boxing Fight?

The Dominican professional boxer Erick Rosa earned title fight after just 5 major boxing bouts, it’s a great chance for him to prove him self in the ring and to become the WBA “super” strawweight champion. His purse share reported $122k however there are no reports either he will earn any thing as win bonus from promotion.

Once the fight between these two take place, further details which include bonuses will be updated and if any changes to the Knockout CP Freshmart Erick Rosa purse updated here later. Jake Paul and Mayweather Jr pay-per-views held before this boxing fight.