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Jose Pedraza Career Earnings | Purse Payouts | Share in PPV Points

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Jose Pedraza Career Earnings

Jose Pedraza is a professional boxer from Puerto Rico. He is currently active and hold contract deal with boxing promotion. He will be back in action 2023 February against Barboza Jr in PPV organized by Top Rank promotion. The fight of Pedraza will be co-main event, and will be a great opportunity for him to get title shot in year 2023. Jose Pedraza career earnings, purse payouts, and ppv money.

OpponentsPursePPV SharesFight Year
Herbert Quartey$7kN/A2011
Anthony Woods$7kN/A2012
Gil Garcia$7kN/A2012
Carlos Claudio$10kN/A2012
Jose Valderrama$10kN/A2012
Tevin Farmer$10kN/A2012
Gerardo Zayas$10kN/A2013
Sergio Villanueva$10kN/A2013
Gabriel Tolmajyan$10kN/A2013
Alejandro Rodriguez$10kN/A2013
Alberto Garza$50kN/A2014
Arturo Uruzquieta$25kN/A2014
Juan Carlos Martinez$75kN/A2014
Michael Farenas$75kN/A2014
Andrey Klimov$75kN/A2015
Edner Cherry$75kN/A2015
Stephen Smith$100kN/A2016
Gervonta Davis$150k2017
José Luis Rodríguez$100kN/A2018
Antonio Morán$125kN/A2018
Raymundo Beltrán$175kN/A2018
Vasiliy Lomachenko$200kN/A2018
Antonio Lozada Jr$150k2019
Jose Zepeda$350k50% (reported2019
Mikkel LesPierre$225k2020
Javier Molina$350k50%2020
Julian Rodriguez$250k2021
José Ramírez$300k2022
Richard Commey$400k2022
Arnold Barboza Jr$225kN/A2023
How Much Jose Pedraza Earn Per Fight?

He is active even losing some big pay-per-view fights, his contract will be changed for while, he will making $250k and $220k per fight now days. His highest payday reported for the fight against Richard Commey, as per multiple UK and US media outlets revealed that he made $400k from the fight.

  • In the upcoming fight against Barboza Jr, Pedraza will earn guaranteed $225k, the fight will take place under Top Rank promotion.

The money details based on payouts will be updated after of his fight, Jose Pedraza career earnings hike to $2m which does not include sponsorship money and tv bonuses.