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Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett Purse Payouts | How Much Both Boxers Earn from Exhibition Bout PPV Shares?

Jay Swingler Perrett purse

The upcoming MF & DAZN Series X 005 fight card announced. Jay Swingler will be seen in action against Nicholai Perrett in the main-event. Telford International Centre, Telford, England is selected venue for the fight. DAZN hold hold the official coverage rights for the fight. The pay-per-view promoted by Misfits Boxing. Jay Swingler Nicholai Perrett purse payouts for the fight reported.

BoxersPursePPV MoneyTotal Payouts
Jay Swingler$150k (estimated)N/A$150k
Nicholai Perrett$75k (estimated)N/A$100k
How Much Jay Swingler Earn for fight X Series 005?

It’s a pay-per-view exhibition fight and main event, Jay Swingler will earn maximum $150k estimated purse. Before this fight, Swingler defeat Chad Lebaron at X Series 002. If there will be any pay-per-view sales money for the boxers details updated here later.

Nicholai Perrett Earnings at X Series 005 :

Nicholai Perrett is 21 year old, he recently become boxer making debut against opponent Jay Swingler. He is well known for his nickname “NichLmao”. He will earn guaranteed purse upto $75k estimated for the fight.

Further details regarding to Jay Swingler Nicholai Perrett purse will be updated once the fight pay-per-view is completed. UFC 285 will be started close the main-event time of DAZN X Series 005.