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Jaron Ennis vs Karen Chukhadzhian Purse Payouts | How Much PPV Share Split for the Boxers?

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Jaron Ennis Chukhadzhian Purse

Jaron Ennis back to the boxing ring after winning previous fight against Custio Clayton, in May 2022. In the upcoming fight, he will be facing opponent from Ukraine Karen Chukhadzhian. The winner of the fight later will become the new IBF interim welterweight champion. Jaron Ennis Karen Chukhadzhian purse payouts based on promotional contract reported.

BoxerGuaranteed PursePPV Share
Jaron Ennis$350kN/A
Karen Chukhadzhian$75kN/A
How Much Jaron Ennis earn in the fight against Chukhadzhian?

The undefeated welterweight boxer (Jaron Ennis) hopeful to earn another victory against Karen Chukhadzhian and to claim the IBF interim welterweight title on 7th January at Capital One Arena. Ennis will not earn less than $350k from this fight, there will be no pay-per-view share for Ennis but if win bonus awarded details provided about that after the fight.

Karen Chukhadzhian, moral is high after winning his major boxing fight from Blake Minto on 2nd July 2022. The fight give him massive confidence and also a chance to win the IBF interim welterweight. It’s his first pay-per-view fight in co-main event of the fight card (Tank Davis vs Luis Garcia). Nothing reported about the purse share of Karen Chukhadzhian, since it’s his first major ppv fight, he will earn maximum ($75k) estimated share.

Further details based on Jaron Ennis Karen Chukhadzhian purse provided once the fight is ended.